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Qualified Care

  • Our Health Care Coordinators are extensively trained and work closely with community physicians, psychologists, dentists and other allied health professional to provide for the physical and mental well-being of all clients

  • Additionally, SCL provides on-site wellness monitoring, an ongoing evaluation process to determine if each person is using medical health services properly as recommended by the medical team.

  • Through wellness-monitoring visits, the individual can maintain his or her independence at home or in  an alternative living situation.  


  • These services consist of specifically tailored training and/or support activities that enable our Clients to inclusively participate in the community where they live, work, receive their education, access health care, and engage in social and recreational activities. The activities and environments are designed to increase the acquisition of skills and appropriate behavior that are necessary to promote greater independence, personal choice, and allow for maximum inclusion in the community.  These services also include, but are not limited to, dressing, personal hygiene, meal preparation, household chores, and budget management.  



Nursing services (ordered by a physician) are provided by different services in each of our locations:

  • Training and monitoring of specific medical concerns such as seizures, bowel habits, vital signs, diabetes, hypertension, diet and exercise

  • Constant reviewing and verifying of physician orders 

  • All direct care staff are MAT trained

  • Review of Medication Administration Records (MARs), medication storage and documentation

  • Scheduling of all medical/health/behavioral appointments and communicating any pertinent information to the healthcare provider as needed

  • Attending any medical/health/behavioral appointment with the resident to ensure proper care is being received

  • Facilitating procurement of and monitoring of medical equipment

  • Keeping emergency contact information updated and accurate

  • Training to the direct care staff regarding the residents' specific medical plan of care in relation to their needs, and training with regard to the purpose and possible side effects of each of their medications

Behavior Supports

SCL, Inc. implements behavioral supports based on the individual's need. Before behavioral supports are implemented, a detailed functional assessment is completed to determine what supports are appropriate. Supports consist of written plans that outline the individual's needs and focus on behavioral triggers and identifiers, environmental influences, and proactive and reactive strategies. Staff receives training on how to implement the plan in a manner that is not restrictive to the individual.  Every plan is unique to the person.  Some are very extensive plans, while others are a basic guideline for staff to follow. The goal of behavior supports is to make problem behavior inefficient and ineffective.  This occurs by focusing on strengths and replacing challenging behavior through teaching new skills, changing the environment to better meet needs, providing positive reinforcement for appropriate behavior, and by facilitating lifestyle enhancement.

Transportation Services

SCL, Inc. provides transportation in company-owned vehicles for all residents to and from community activities, home-visits, medical and dental appointments, , work opportunities, and restaurant outings. Our experienced drivers adhere to strict standards and policies and are all screened by our insurance company to ensure the safety of our residents.  

In-Home Supports

  • This option allows for independent living with in-home supports.  Sometimes the best environment for individuals needing support is in their own home or with family. SCL, Inc. provides hourly support to help individuals live as independently as possible in their own home environment. The time spent providing services each week is based on the medical plan of each individual.  These individuals might live with family members or on their own.  All services for residential living are applicable to in-home supports.  

In-Home Supports



  • SCL, Inc. provides job coaching for clients working in community businesses.  

  • SCL, Inc. operates several small business ventures including but not limited to:

    • Yard Work and Mowing Services​

    • A Wood Shop

    • Jumpy Monkey Coffee

    • Recycling Centers

    • Motor City Auto Detailing

    • DocuGuard

    • Stretch*A*Dollar Thrift Store

    • CS Bookstore Enid

    • CS Therapuetic Horse Ranch

Vocational Sevices
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