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Supported Community Lifestyles, Inc.

About Us


Supported Community Lifestyles Inc. was started in January 2004 by Ron Hammock.  The agency was designed to provide clinical, residential, and vocational support for individuals with developmental disabilities and specializes in working with people with dual diagnosis and severe behavioral challenges.  Presently, SCL provides services for approximately 170 individuals in eight Oklahoma counties with a staff of 350. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to partner in a dignified and respectful manner with the people we serve to develop a meaningful quality of life that is safe for everyone involved, including the community we live in.  We currently have 43 group homes in the Northern Oklahoma Region.  We also provide community living supports.  

In-Home Supports

At SCL, we celebrate the unique abilities, successes, and choices of people with developmental disabilities.  Our programs and services provide the opportunity to explore many life options in safe, nurturing, and appropriately challenging environments.  We encourage the best in each person as advocates of personal dignity, respect, and through our unfailing attention to their individual needs and goals.  

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